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As Mazda MX5 parts specialists, we feel justified in saying there is no such thing as a bad Mazda MX5. There is a perfect Mazda MX-5 (AKA Eunos roadster) out there for everyone with a love of the car, and each person will have their own set of criteria for the ultimate driving enjoyment. 

There are certain things common to all models. All second hand Mazda MX5 models feature air-conditioning, electric windows and alloy wheels. So far, so standard for a decent roadster. Sports cars will have a six speed gearbox and leather seats. 

All Mazda MX5 cars have the same top feature in their DNA - they are really fun to drive. If that’s not a priority, there’s no point owning an MX5. The first MX5s are over 30 years old, so how does this millennial compare to the new(ish) kids on the block?

Older models such as the Mk1 and Mk2 lack certain labour saving gadgetry such as the two touch roof lowering. In Mk1 and Mk2 you’ll be lowering the sports car hood by hand rather than unclipping the catch on the windscreen header rail and pressing a button. 


Although the Mk1 is in its fourth decade, it still looks wonderful and offers great value for money with good mpg. Smooth gear change and responsive rear wheel drive make the most of the power this roadster has. 


The Mk 2 is a similar story, but outperforms its predecessor with a longer list of standard kit. 


The Mk 3 features the folding hard top, allowing you the best of both worlds - it feels like a sporty coupe with the roof up and a nippy roadster when it’s down. Win win!

MX5 Parts 

What about MX5 parts? A quick skim through our MX5 parts catalogue shows that the Mazda MX5 is an affordable car to maintain. 

You should expect to replace items like spark plugs every fifth service, with brake fluid and air conditioning requiring a change every couple of years.

Coolant should be replaced once the car reaches four years of age. Long life coolant will keep you going for at least another decade so is well worth the extra few quid. Choosing a Mazda MX5 with a smaller 1.8 litre engine will keep costs of running down, however the 2 litre engine is for those who value performance.


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