MX5 Performance Upgrades

Is there anything better than geeking out over the latest performance upgrades to the MX5? MX5 parts allow your journey with the Mazda MX5 to be an ever evolving one, full of adventure. 

It’s probably one of the most popular cars for upgrades and performance add ons. 

Cold Air Intake 

Cold air intake can bring a 5 - 6 bhp improvement in speed and performance. This MX5 part, simply by increasing cooling airflow, can add torque and horsepower, increasing acceleration. Most will see an improvement in throttle response too.

Anti Roll Bars

Sway bars or anti roll bars have been a game changer. Car height can be adjusted while allowing for a more controlled drive. A new anti roll bar set will reduce body roll of the MX5 while improving traction and weight transfer.


Tyres and wheels are Mazda MX5 parts which offer a huge bang for your buck when looking to upgrade the performance of your Mazda MX5. It’s all about the drive experience in an MX5, and the best way to uplevel that performance is to look quite literally at where the rubber meets the road. 

Remember to take into consideration the weather, climate and road conditions you’ll encounter. High performance tyres are stiffer and will create a harsh driving experience on roads that are less well maintained. 


Whether you replace brake pads, callipers and discs as separate Mazda MX5 parts, or as a complete brake kit, replacing and maintaining your brakes is a key performance upgrade. Excellent brakes help you control speed in a turn, offering the best possible road handling.


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