RSA MX5 Parts NI Rally Sprint Championship 2022



All iterations of the Mazda MX5 are suitable for this Championship.

The only engines permitted are those manufactured by Mazda. 1600cc, 1800cc and 2000cc engines are all permitted.

Gear ratios must remain as standard from the factory.

Cars must remain in a roadworthy and presentable condition. i.e., functioning headlights, brake lights, taillights, 2 exterior door mirrors, 1 interior rear-view mirror, horn etc.

Engines must remain Naturally Aspirated Original fuel tank and system must remain. Drivers from 17 years + are permitted.

MX5 Parts NI Rally Championship graphic must be displayed on the car.


Safety Requirements

A 6-point bolt-in or weld-in cage is required. Suitable cages are available from MX5 Parts NI; however, FIA approved cages are also acceptable.

Mounting plates and brackets must be welded to the floor for bolt-in roll cage fitment.

Handheld 1.5 litre fire extinguisher must be securely mounted to the floor of the vehicle and must be functional, in-date and refilled if required.

Internal and external kill switches must be fitted and clearly indicated. Kill switches must be connected to the battery and be functional and ready to be tested at scrutineering. Internal kill switch must be accessible to both driver and passenger when harnessed.

Harnesses must be FIA Approved and in good condition with no visible signs of wear. A 5-year extension is permitted on the expiry date of harnesses and date stamps must remain for checking at scrutineering.

Side windows must be covered with safety film. A polycarbonate alternative is permitted.

Batteries must be secured correctly with a ‘wrap over’ strap with a non-conductive covering over the positive terminal.

When seated and wearing all appropriate racewear, both driver and navigator must fit within the roll cage.



Chassis must remain as of original manufacture. No reinforcing, removing, or adding material is permitted. No lightening of the original structure is permitted, except to make minor modifications to the gearbox tunnel to allow space for some bucket seats. This must be seam welded and undergo an eligibility check by an RSA scrutineer prior to use.

Chassis Rail Reinforcement is permitted
Diff Casing Reinforcement is permitted



The seats must be replaced with a competition alternative. Competition mountings must be used. Motorsport specific sliding seat rail is permitted.

The driver’s and passenger airbag units & SRS control must be removed completely.

It is permitted for throttle, brake and clutch pedal extensions to be added to aid foot control provided it does not enhance performance.

The standard steering wheel may be replaced with a competition alternative.

The main dashboard must remain; however, it is permissible to remove the following: - All lower plastics - Glovebox - Door Cards - Carpets - Sound Deadening - Head Liner - Middle Plastic Trim - Radio and all sound system extras

Should the door cards be removed they must be appropriately replaced using plastic or a similar material covering any sharp or exposed edges in both the passenger and drivers side doors.

The heating and ventilation matrix can be removed however a heated window or electronic demister must be fitted in its place.

Interior Mirror must be fitted however size is free.

A footplate may be added to the Drivers / Passenger footwell.

Dash Flocking permitted. The Interior may be painted. It is permitted for handbrake extensions to be added to aid control.



The bodywork and panels may be replaced with Fibreglass or Carbon Fibre alternatives.

A Hardtop or soft top hood is permitted. This includes lightweight hardtops. All tops must have a sealed rear window. All cars must have some form of overhead covering installed.

Body kits, over fenders, and styling lips are permitted but must be safely secured to the vehicle and cover both the front and rear crass structure of the vehicle.

Rear Tailgate - retaining pins/straps must be fitted and the catch must be removed.

The bonnet – must have catches removed and bonnet retaining pins/straps fitted.

Original Towing Hooks are permitted but must be marked with a ‘Tow’ sticker. Steel towing hooks are recommended.

Towing points must be bolted to the main crash structure of the vehicle and feature on both the front and rear of the vehicle.

Modifications Unless specified in these regulations all other modifications are permitted.

Tyre choice is open however the use of full slick tyres is NOT permitted.

All parts needed can be supplied by the championship title sponsor


Points Structure

RSA MX5 Parts NI Rally Sprint Championship 2022 will follow the traditional points structure of The RSA which is as follows:

1 st – 20pts
2 nd - 18pts
3 rd – 16pts
4 th – 14pts
5 th – 12pts
6 th – 10pts
7 th – 9pts
8 th – 8pts
9 th – 7pts
10th – 6pts

One bonus point is also available for fastest time of the day in class.

The championship will be contested over 8 rounds with the best 6 to count.

Prizes are available for the top 3 finishers in class.

Useful Contacts MX5 Parts NI (Gareth): +44 75 6529 7000

The Rallysport Association (Michael): +44 28 3839 3344

SW Adair Tyres (Bill): +44 28 8164 8428

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