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MX5 Parts NI are passionate about the Mazda MX5. We don’t just offer genuine Mazda MX5 parts; like you, we are passionate enthusiasts for the car. We know that rain or shine, you’ll be out in your beloved roadster, enjoying how it handles the road in all weather conditions.

So we understand that it’s not just maintenance under the hood required. We want our beloved MX5 to look its best as well as performing well with the right MX5 parts when needed.

Car Cover 

An outdoor car cover can be a key part of keeping your pride and joy clean and dry if it can’t be parked under a roof. Custom covers are available for both hardtop and soft top MX5 models. Mirror pockets allow for snug coverage of the whole car body, protecting it from the elements. On removing the cover, your pride and joy will be dry and gleaming, even if the rain has created muddy splashes all around. 

Going back under the bonnet for a moment, it’s important to keep your hood drain clean and dry. A blocked hood drain is one of the main causes of water penetration into the cabin. A hood drain cleaning brush is an easy and inexpensive way to keep this important part of the MX5 functioning as it should to keep your interior dry. 

There’s no getting away from it - to keep your MX5 spotless, you’re going to have to do some cleaning. Let’s face it though, it’s an excuse to spend some more time with the love of your life, so why not make this quality time a bit more enjoyable?

Cleaning doesn’t have to mean elbow grease. With a good quality cleaning product, the key MX5 parts can be kept clean as a whistle. 

Quick Detailer 

If you’ve no time to ‘wax on, wax off’, Quick Detailer will be your little pot of magic. A liquid car wax type product, it’s not just good at quickly removing smudges and fingerprints. It makes the buffing process quicker and noticeably more effective, making it a popular choice among professional detailers.

If you use a foam lance for cleaning your Mazda MX5, a top quality foaming detergent is a must have. The Power Maxed Snow Foam is one of our top picks here at MX5 Parts NI because it provides a touchless wash that doesn’t strip paint or wax. It binds only to dirt, lifting it away from paintwork and wax for a gleaming finish.

Speaking of gleam, you’ve got to keep the glass and metal shining, otherwise the effort on the bodywork is all in vain. 

Alloy Wheel Cleaner 

Take care of those alloys with a non acidic alloy wheel cleaner. Acidic cleaners are notorious for wrecking wheels, especially diamond cut ones, so avoid them. The Power Maxed Frequent Use (Non-Acidic) Alloy Wheel Cleaner does what it says on the tin, using powerful acid-free detergents to lift grime and grot from wheels. 

For squeaky clean windows, especially if you do lots of peak time mileage, go for an industrial level cleaner rather than off the shelf in high street retail or supermarkets. The Power Maxed Glass Cleaner is a valeter favourite suitable for glass and mirrors and is around five times stronger than other brands. 

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