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MX5 service kits are one of our biggest Mazda MX5 sellers. We are often asked by MX5 owners and enthusiasts how often the car needs to be serviced. 

To keep your Mazda MX5 in prime condition, a general service is recommended every 6 - 12 months, depending on how much mileage you are doing. 

To break that down, you should inspect your MX5’s bodywork for rust, perforation and corrosion at least once a year. The Mazda MX5’s spare tyre kit should also be checked annually. 

Air Filters 

Air filters need to be replaced on your MX5 roughly once every three years or once every 37,500 miles - whichever comes first. Air filters are usually purchased individually as opposed to coming in MX5 service kits. 

Spark Plugs 

Mazda MX5 need spark plugs replaced approximately every 120,000 miles - these are commonly included in the MX5 service kits. When servicing a Mazda MX5, engine oil and filters will usually only need to be replaced when the engine light is on. However they should be replaced annually or once every 12,500 miles, whichever comes sooner. 

When stocking your MX5 service kits, bear in mind battery, brake lines, hoses and connections, parking brake, disc brake and tyres of your Mazda MX5 need to be inspected annually, but not necessarily replaced. 

Fuel Lines 

Once every 24 months, you should inspect the Mazda MX5’s fuel lines and hoses, cooling system, steering operation and linkages, front and rear suspension, and driveshaft dust boots. MX5 service kits should be stocked accordingly. 

Every three years, inspect the driveshafts of your Mazda MX5, as well as the evaporative system if installed.

Engine Coolant 

Engine coolant in the MX5 should be checked during servicing after your first 125,000 miles or 10 years; after that, every 62,500 miles or 5 years.

When considering what you’ll need in a well stocked MX5 service kits, remember bolts and nuts on the Mazda MX5 chassis and body should be tightened every 2 years.


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