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The Mazda MX5 is a car crying out to be taken on long road trips, often. So how best to get your pride and joy ready for the open road?

As you’d expect from the world’s favourite roadster, there is a huge variety of MX5 parts and accessories available to make any roadtrip a fun one, whatever the weather!

The first thing to consider is the limited storage space you are working with if you are in a Mk1. However, this can actually make things easier when trying to decide what to take - pare it back to what will truly enhance the trip. Good advice for a road trip in any car, and any Mazda MX5.

If you don’t need the smoker’s facilities on the centre of the car, Mazda MX-5 parts can allow you to transform the dead space into something useful. MX5 parts exist that allow this console to hold drinks or mobile phones, maximising the room you have within your Mazda Mx5.

The Mk2 may benefit from more interior space, but there is still a lot of space that could be used better with the right Mazda MX5 parts. The space behind the seats is more wasted space, for which the boot shelf bag is a handy MX5 part investment for turning this into a functional storage area, perfect for a road trip in your favourite eunos roadster.

Seat tidies are another clever Mazda MX5 parts buy, with models that fit the Mk1 and Mk2. The Mazda MX5 really comes into its own on trips like this when you source good quality luggage solutions. The Mk 3 boasts its own range of custom-made suitcases, built to fit its proportions exactly. There are even branded luggage straps as a smart finishing touch.

The Mk3 soft top can be optimised for the open road with a boot luggage rack. This MX5 part even comes with a high level brake lamp to make your trip even safer. 

Whichever Mazda MX-5 you’re lucky enough to own, the Revo luggage rack is a smart MX5 part that fits all models. It uses soft suction cups to attach to and detach from your sports car, leaving paintwork intact. 


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