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MX5 Parts NI are proud to be a leading supplier of genuine Mazda MX5 parts and aftermarket MX5 parts and kits to Mazda MX5 enthusiasts, not just here in Northern Ireland, but across the UK and internationally. 

We are all united by our love of the classic roadster, the MX-5. It has never lost its charm over the years, and that’s why we are passionate about helping fellow enthusiasts to keep their pride and joy in good condition. Not only looking amazing, but feeling amazing to drive and enjoy. 

We started this business by spotting a need we had ourselves - a one-stop shop for affordable, high quality parts and accessories for our Mazda MX5 cars. As we sourced more and more parts, we realised we had all the contacts and suppliers we needed to create our own resource for people just like us, who loved their MX5s as much as we did.

Our website is easy to navigate, allowing you to shop by model, with clear menus showing you everything available for your specific car or cars.

Which MX5 model have you got?

Before you can shop for MX5 parts, it’s pretty crucial to know which model you actually have! Start here with our buyers’ guide intro, with helpful information and links to let you know which MX5 is sitting in your garage or driveway. Is it the Mk1 or Mk2? This will help you find out.

MX5 parts available

Star first with your model; we have various parts and kits available for the Mk1, mk2, mk3 and mk4 MX5 cars.

Some kits are available which will only work for one model, for example this anti roll bar bush kit for the Mk1. Others will work for more than one model, for example the Anti Roll Bar Bush, Rear Standard, suitable for the MX5 Mk1/2/2.5/3/3.5.

Soft top MX5

If you need MX5 parts and accessories for your soft top Mazda MX5, we have a great range, including this Boot / Luggage Rack With Brake Lamp designed for soft top Mk3/3.5/3.75.

Prevent and repair oil leaks

The last thing you want is oil leaking from your MX5, so we have a range of MX5 parts to help keep your oil where it should be. This Gearbox Rear Oil seal is a genuine Mazda MX5 replacement part and fits the Mk1/2/2.5. This oil pressure switch for the Mk1 is an affordable aftermarket part.

Engine Parts

Whether you need parts for a 2.0 litre engine or anything up to it, we have all the parts you need, from an electrical item such as an engine bay fuse box cover, to silicone engine sealant.

Power steering

Whether you have sports cars or roadsters, power steering is key to handling and enjoyment. We offer a wide range of high quality MX5 parts and accessories to keep power steering smooth and functional. This aftermarket power steering belt is available for cars with and without air con.

Chassis Rail support

The chassis rail in the Mk1 and 2 can take a lot of punishment, so it’s great to have a range of options for repair and reinforcement. The Ultra Racing Front Upper Chassis Brace is a great example and is compatible with Mk1/2/2.5.

Cam cover parts

The cam cover or valve cover is a crucial range of MX5 parts, from cam cover gaskets to cam cover vent hoses.

Shocks and springs

Regular suspension and brake checks are important to keep your MX5 safe and roadworthy. We have entire suspension kits, such as this one from Koni. 

We pride ourselves on stocking a wide range of top quality shock absorbers and dampers, from Bilstein dampers, including these rear shock absorbers for the Mk2.5, to the Koni Sport Shock Absorber, MX5 Mk3/3.5/3.75.

Special edition MX5 parts and accessories

We take delight in sourcing the best special edition items available. This alloy wheel for the Mk2 is a Euphonic Special Edition, and we also carry the Mk3.5 20th anniversary special edition badge, among many other limited edition items.


Such a crucial part of keeping your pride and joy running smoothly. We stock a wide range, including this Differential / Limited Slip Differential Oil, Fully Synthetic, 1 Ltr, suitable for all MX5 Models.

Gaskets and seals

From head gaskets like this top quality aftermarket head gasket (suitable for all 1.6 Mk1, Mk2 & 2.5 models) to this complete engine gasket set for the Mk4, MX5 Parts NI are the experts in sourcing crucial parts to suit all needs and budgets. 

Body Panels and Trim

Whether it’s keeping your MX5 wheel arches looking and performing their best, or making sure your boot is sealed and watertight, we offer huge ranges of body parts and trim for all models of MX5.




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