MX5 PARTS N.I. Reinforced Diff (Differential) casing

#MX5PartsDiffcase Over years of experience in applying MX5's in various Motorsport events such as Stage rally's, Targa rally's and Autostest events, one reoccurring issue was prevalent when using a good Limited-Slip Differential in conjunction with performance grade tyres, or higher performance street tyres, we found that the MX5's Differential housing case gets damaged. When the tyres don't give way and nor does the Differential itself this results in the Differential casing taking the force and more often than not can leave you with one of the mounting arms broken off during an event. Here at MX5 Parts N.I. we want to ensure that this doesn't happen to you so we are providing you with our tried and tested product, we reinforce the differential housing casing and install Polyurethane bushings to the housing We are selling this Item as an exchange unit for £350 including a £100 surcharge, meaning that you pay £350 but when you send your old casing back to us we will give you £100 back.

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