MX5 PARTS N.I. Reinforced sump guard (skid plate)

#SUMPGUARD Over many years. through personal trial and error in Motorsport events we developed our own Sump guard, this sump guard is made from aluminium ensuring that added weight is minimal, while also utilising aluminium ribs welded along the length of the guard guaranteeing that the light weight doesn't compromise strength. The fastening bolt holes are countersunk as are the bolts that are supplied with this purchase, this means the bolt heads sit flush with the guard reducing the chance of bolt head damage due to clipping and maximising ground clearance. Included in every purchase is a sump guard, 4 countersunk fastening bolts and 4 threaded plates to anchor the bolts. The threaded plates will have to be welded to the front sub-frame of your MX5/Miata/Eunos this is to maximise ground clearance without the guard interfering with suspension components, anyone with basic welding skills can do this. This Guard will fit both MKI & MKII MX5's

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