#JAZZ Rear hard top brackets for securing your Mazda MX5 NC OEM hard top. They offer tight fix of the hard top to the car body, reducing body twist and give you a coupe-like feeling. Two options are available: 4mm steel - heavy duty option with black powdercoated finish 5mm aluminium - 6082 T6 hard alu alloy, black anodised. While very strong, they are much lighter. They do match the OEM trim panels height for the perfect interior integration. Both are CNC cut, CNC bend and are direct fit with strong metal to metal connection between the hardtop and the car chassis /does not lie on plastic trims!/. The rear hardtop brackets are designed for optimised force flow (one bend ony). This eases the installation with the OEM side trim, as just slight cut at the top is needed to slip the bracket through (if the side trim is to be reused). They will save weight compared to the stock latches, especially the aluminium version. Please note, this is rear set only, for a full set please order the front ones as well.

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