ME221 Plug-In ECU MX-5 1989-1995

#ME221_MX58995 The ME221 MX-5 Plug-In is the leading Engine Management System for the Mk1 (2 Plug NA) MX-5 / Miata, years 1989-1995 1.6/1.8 Every major and respected MX-5 Tuner in the UK, as well as the biggest, Flyin’ Miata in the US, now uses and recommends the ME221 Engine Management System over other systems It supports the 1.6 and 1.8 model from the same hardware, and also fits the OEM case, which means the conversion installs tidily into the OEM position. The only extra thing you need to do besides plugging it in is run a MAP vacuum hose (supplied) from the ECU to the intake manifold. Uses the ME221 ECU Core (NXP Automotive Processing Power) Supports factory sensors. Truly Plug-In : Supports both switched TPS and linear TPS conversions. 16×16 Fuel and Ignition Tables (with dual table switching) VE based fuelling algorithm. Run any type of high impedance injectors. DSP Knock Control In-built 60psi MAP sensor Closed Loop Boost, Lambda and Idle Control Launch Control Fully Sequential on 1.8 version In the field regular firmware updates and improvements Uses the powerful MEITE tuning studio. An open approach to firmware/software features. Supplied with rolling road certified and developed basemaps for either turbo or NA setups. Package contents: ME221 Plug-In Core Board Vacuum Hose Stickers Please note that if you are using a switched type TPS sensor as fitted to the 1.6 model, we suggest installing a variable TPS to give better throttle response – the 1.8 model already has the variable TPS as standard. Also, if you wish to run without a MAF sensor, then you will need to install an Intake Air Temperature Sensor – available in the options list. Proven Compatible with the following OEM ECU Codes (and others with the 2 -plug ECU): B6HA B64F BPF8 B63H BPF3

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