MX5 Parts NI high performance engine mounts MKI/MK2

One of the benefits of being mechanics and participants in motorsport is that we here at MX5partsNI can identify and remedy an issue, the issue here being the OE engine mount design, a design that cannot be fully bypassed by simply fitting polyurethane engine mounts, trust us, we have been there and done that, the units we sell are our solution to this issue, MX5partsNI high performance engine mounts offer more strength than OE rubber mounts, significantly reduced engine movement , and provides the maximum output under engine acceleration. This design also: . Offers a more direct connection between the Drive-train and Chassis . Increasing the life span of the mounts and helps to put power down to the wheels . Direct bolt-on with OEM components . Increased stability during cornering and acceleration

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Regular Price: £350.00

Price including tax £250.00