Victor Reinz head gasket set 02-52425-02

#02-52425-02 Head gasket set by VICTOR REINZ — Innovative sealing solutions for new engine designs. Victor Reinz supplies OE head gaskets to automotive and commercial vehicle manufacturers around the world. That means when you purchase a Victor Reinz head gasket, you can be certain you’re getting the same sealing power that your vehicle had when it was new. Increasing torque and performance with decreasing consumption and emissions. The development goals in engine construction determine the requirements of modern gasket systems. As a leader in technology, an original equipment manufacturer transfers all of his expertise, experience and quality into the replacement parts business. With a broad product palette, VICTOR REINZ supplies cylinder head gaskets for all conventional passenger car and commercial vehicle engines. The heart of a Victor Reinz Head set is the famous Victor Reinz cylinder head gasket, chosen by major OE manufacturers around the world. In Victor Reinz head sets, you get all the gasket components you need for a tight-sealing upper engine repair—and the confidence that comes from using products from a trusted OE supplier.

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